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•Deep impact
•Dante’s peak
•The day after tomorrow


Van Wilder-National Lampoon's chapter 20
Dumb and Dumber chapter 20


Monty Python Holy Grail, when the guy gets his arms and legs cut off and he is still coaxing a fight saying, "Merely a flesh wound, come back and fight" and the other guy says, "What are you going to do...bleed on me?"

Arsenicum Album

The Simpsons
Character: Mr. Burns

Aurum metallicum

Kings (available on Hulu).

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Arg. Nit.:

As Good as It Gets is a 1997 comedy film directed by James L. Brooks starring Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt.
Thank you Nathan for the Ars map
Thanks, Gudny
Great! what a magnificent idea!
Arsenicum album: Meg Ryan in French Kiss, tremendous fear of flying, numerous anxieties, fear of disease, lactose intolerance, etc.

Aurum metallicum: Hamlet

Gollum in Lord of the Rings
That's a great Anacardium, character. Thanks for posting
Great idea to create this group! I am a film translator and 2 years ago I started to study homeopathy. Since then many remedies began to appear in the movies I work on.
I remember an "Aurum case" in the romantic comedy/drama "No Resesrvations" with Catherine Zeta-Jones. She played a perfectionist master chef in Manhattan; she couldn't sleep at night; her dishes were refined and sophisticated, but she didn't eat herself; she was very lonely but very dignified too and a little bit haughty. And she had the "consolation agg." symptom too. She was doing everything in her kitchen with superhuman precision. But suddenly she had to became the guardian of her niece after the death of girl's mother in a car accident. Her cares of the girl were perfect too, but in a "metal" way. There was a lack of warmth, but very strong sence of duty. And finally when this woman fell in love, she tried to escape that feeling by any means. And she was very easily offended, as you can see in the beginning of the trailer:
Thank you, Juliana
Great post and repertorisation. This is so fun


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