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Zopfy in his 60 years practise asserts that Cuprum Oxydatum Nigrum will remove all kinds of worms, cure trichinosis and even tapeworm. He gives it in small doses about 1x in alternation with nux vomica, 4 or 5 times a day, for 4 to 6 weeks, which always suffices to cure to cure tapeworm without causing the patient any inconvenience whatever.


~ Dr. Dewey

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I have used cuprum oxydatum nigrum in 3x potency with good results.
Please note the potency of Nux.V also.
When symptoms of Nat Phos are very strong, and pinworms are present, Nat Phos will eliminate. William...
Scirrihinum 200 gives very good results in all kinds of warms problems in children. I give Scirrihinum 200 only one dose or giving interval of 15 days for next dose (not more than 2 doses). Most of the cases it gives wonderful results.
What about worms in domestic animals ?
Observe the mind of domestic animals!!! and get the corresponding remedy.


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