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Cervical Spondolysis :  It Is becoming the fastest growing ailment in todays hectic life ,  Causes may be Many to name a few  Lack of exercise , too much work on computers or table work ,heavy shoulder bags , bad posture of watching TV , reading and writing , Strerss and Occupational causes .It becomes  more complicated and Urgent  when it gets associated with few symptoms like vertigo , excessive pain in holding neck , tingling and numbness in arms and  with severe headache . In my Opinion  I have found the following to be more useful .

1. Pain cervical region extending to right eye and forhead --- Sangunaria can , Gelsemium

2. Pain Cervical region extending to arm ---- Nux vomica

3. Pain Cervical region extending to Fingers ----- Kalmia lat

4. Pain extending to Back  ----- Cocculus & Kalmia

5. Pain extending to Occipital region ----- Gelsemium , Silicea , Natrum Sulph ,Ferrum Met

6 . Vertigo with cervical spondolysis --- Conium , Tabacum , Tellurium

7. Inflammtion Cervical  vertebra ----- Acid phos , Aesculus Hip .

8 Cervical Pain in Children due to Carrying of  excessive heavy School bags ---- Acid phos  , Calcarea phos , Rhustox , Cocculus , Ferrum Met , Natrum sulph , Arnica etc.

                                                                    These are the few medicines for the above indications if you can add few more indications and the suggesting medicine's it will be beneficial to all of us .


Dr. Vikas Verma

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You have not given the line of treatment. These are some of the rubrics. Please add some Main remedies Syph, Lachn,Spigelia and Sanguinaria. First of all give Syph 200 one dose on first Day. on second Daytro 5th day Give Arnica 1M at 6.00 AM and 6.00 PM.
It will be highly appreciable if you can highlight the indications on which one can prescribe syph .....Sangunaria in reference to Cervical spondolysis .
Syph is prescribed in the begining as cervical spondylitis is degenrative disease as suggested by D laxminarayanan P.hd. Syph has destructive and ulcerative processes. I always start the treatment of Arthritis/Spondylosis and get good results.
When pain extends to Right shoulder and arm, Sanguinaria 200 is given. Kalmia (30to 1M)is used in numbing pain extending to Right arm and hand.
In cervical Spondylitis producing vertigo with nausea or vomiting with sensitiveness to noise, Theridion is needed.
on 6,7 and 8th day give Rhus tox 1M in the night. Afterward choose the appropriate remedy for the existing symptoms.
Pain in cervical region better bending neck backwards -- Tylophora Indica
Pain in cervical region extending to lt arm-- Spigelia
pain in upper back --cimicifuga
Many time patient comes to me from the office. Every patient says 'I am having Cervical spondylitis'.
Orthopedic doctor first advice them to take a x- ray of neck AP/Lat. It suggest no any abnormality. Still the pain persist without having any bony abnormality.
Then they suggest CT and MRI of a brain to find something new. But all are fruiteless because problem is in the nerve which is getting irriteted by overuse or position of the neck. PAtient has complaints of neck pain extending to the occipute resion and vertex later it comes to orbital region(lt or rt or both)

What I do to my cases. I always start him first neck exercise i.e neck up and down, right and left and circular motion of head.
homoeopathic management:
Rhus tox 3o. repeated doses,
or bryonia30 repeated doses
rhus for over lifting or overusing of neck due to bad position.
If you are talking about some specifics of Cervical Spondylosis without taking care of all the major symptoms then Cervical Spondylosis is actually the degenerative changes occured in bones and pressure on nerves. The remedies are:

Phos, Calc Phos & Sil
Colocyn, Hyper & Bellis
Thanks for sharing . Can you share your experience with Bellis along with potency and repetition ?
Indeed Totality of symptoms are important and no case can be cured without keeping all ( Totality , Constitution and Miasm ) these in mind , it is just to collect information about some specific remedies along with their indication and action in reference to cervical spondolysis .
Curvature of Cervical spine - Calc, par, phos, Syph.
One more medicine Tellurium for pain from last cervical vertebra to dorsal vertebra ,
Dr. Vikas Verma
Important remedies for cervical spondylosis are---

Cimicifuga : Most suitable for IT professionals & stenos with stiffness & pain in neck
Nux.v : Sedentary, constipation, alcohol,burning spine, turning difficult
Lachananthes : Torticollis with severe muscle spasm, numbness- specific action- acute remedy
Calc.carb : Most successful remedy in several cases with rigidity & stiffness in morning, turning difficult and tendency to strain easily
Kalmia : Rt. Ext. down, with numbness, C5-C7
Rhus.tox : Pain from false position, warmth application
Lycopodium : Pain + Urinary + GIT Acute : Berberis .v mother tincture

Rubrics to be considered in cervical spondylosis
Give importance to
• Side Right : Sang, Kalmia
Left : Conium
Looking up < : Graph
Stooping < : Rhus.t
Coughing on : Sulphur
Turning < : Agaricus, Aesc, Bry, Sulph etc.
Thanks for sharing , This is what That makes this portal a unique platform for all homoeopaths around to gather information and share . Now we are here with many medicines to treat cervical spondolysis keeping totality of symptoms , constitution and miasm in consideration too.



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