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Do you know of any medicine for increased facial hair in women, except oleum jacoris aselli commonly known as cod liver oil? What if the patient complains only of increased facial hair with no hormonal disturbance.

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Yes, the books mention this, but I have not seen results with it; has anyone seen results? If so, what potency and repetition and for how long? The books recommend Oleum Jec 3X, but I am sure that it would not resolve the situation in a hurry... what have others' experiences been like?

for unwanted hair growth..

RAI BHADUR BISHAMBHAR DAS wrote to "take  yellow sulphate of arsenic and quick lime in equal parts.  Make a paste WITH HOT water and apply. Allow it to dry. You may never see another unwanted hair and he also recommend oleum jes 3x in winter or 30 in summer x TDS/ along with thuja 1mX once per month. Thuja given alone before or after 2 days of oleum jes.




Dr. Nalini,

I have the book and saw the remedies awhile ago but I cannot find out what yellow sulphate of arsenic is, or where to find it, and where to find the quick lime. 

Any suggestions?

Dear Doctor,

In my 40 yrs practice Oleum Jac never gives any results in such cases. In most cases it is after the administration of hormonal therapy. The following rubric helps in many patients:

1. After hormonal therapy: Sepia, Sycotic Co

2. Hair growth.. Chin: Ignatia, Plutonium Nit

3.Upper Lips: Thuja, Hydrogen, Sepia

 I have used ovaries 6x trituration in 2-3 cases and positive result.


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