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Dr Christina Chambreau returns for her once-a-month visit on BlogTalkRadio

The topic is seasonal for those nasty bugs in the garden and in the home. 

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What Are The Remedies To Prepare For Tick and Flea Season

Flea and Tick Handout 2013

Fran Sheffield Court Case

The Lone Star Tick Bite May infer Allergies to Meat

Resource Information about Lone Star Tick Bite


The purpose of this newsletter is to empower you to keep your animals healthy - and yourselves healthy, too. 



I would love to print letters that you would like to share with other holistically oriented animal partners.  Send what has worked for you, what you have done that did not work as well, and wonderful stories about your animal family.


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March 2013 index

1.      Classes

2.      Holistic Perspectives

3.      News

4.      Monthly case


May Homeopathy
Finally I am teaching a completely series of homeopathy for animals classes - on the West Coast. Mark your calendar, even though the details are not yet in place.

1.      Where? Vancouver , British Columbia.

2.      When? May 2013

    a. 11 - 12 - Introduction to True Health for Your Animals & Homeopathy

      i.     7 Keys to health

       ii.     Feeding the best

       iii.    Vaccine 

           iv.   Evaluation of response to any treatments

        v.    Healing modalities you can do 
               including homeopathy

       vi.   Creating a healing team with other modalities

       vii.     History of homeopathy

       viii.     Preparation of homeopathic remedies

       ix.     Basic principles of homeopathy that apply to           any treatments

       x.     Overview of case taking, case analysis, potency selection, evaluation of response.

      xi.     First aid remedies

b.      13-17 - Beginning Homeopathy for Animals

          i.     13 - case taking,

           ii.     14 - Repertory study - how to use this human oriented book for animals.

           iii.     15 - case analysis, remedy selection, material medica & potency selection,

          iv.     16 - evaluation of response

          v.     17 - Review the whole process -  your cases

c.      20 - 24 Advanced Homeopathy for Animals

          i.  Topics still to be determined. This course will be tailored to the people who register for it. We will work with your cases, and with the areas of trouble you have. We will review all the basic steps. Dr. Willow Moore, a Naturopathic Doctor and Chiropractor, will teach a few days, bringing an entirely new depth to the class.

Please contact the course organizer, wonderful Jane Bowers, at
Or email or call me.

June - Carroll County Kennel Club Summer Expo -Saturday, June 15 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at 706 Agriculture Center Shipley Arena, Westminster, MD 21157 There will be holistic lectures all day sponsored by the Animal Reiki Alliance. For more information contact Helen Dagilis at 410-857-7869 or

June - Baltimore area holistic classes - June 22, Hamden in Baltimore - Treating your animals holistically - 7 Keys to great health.

Gabriele Sielmann provides this insight:
The riboflavin-season has been restored:
RIBOFLAVIN, also called vitamin B2 (popularly known as "growth vitamin") used as a yellow colorant in the food industry can be used a defense against insects, because the mosquito or tick finds the taste bitter. Riboflavin is apparently disgusting.
I make a big bow for my family pet.
The pharmacy carries riboflavin vitamin B2 as expensive as a pill or for cents as a powder and can be found naturally in liver, yeast and wheat germ.
I fill the powder in a salt shaker along with a few grains of rice and dust it over the food once daily. I am no longer the victim of approaching parasites and even our dog catches no more ticks.
Perhaps it is a possible to stop the malaria mosquito to bite? I don't know. 

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