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What an intriguing article! Thank you for reproducing it for us. It's given me an insight into how to think of carbon and how pervasive it is in our materia medica.

This sort of information is of particular interest to me. Finding the logic behind a remedy and how it relates to others, so that they form a group, is how I best come to understand them.
Hi Heidi! And, always, we are indebted to Dr Dushyant for his extensive library of journal articles.
Indeed we are, Debby! I consider myself to be quite fortunate that he has been so generous to present his wealth of information and to take the time to do it.

Thank you, Dr. Dushyant.
Thank you for sharing these treasures,and reminding us,with each posting that there will never be an end to seeking knowledge.There will always be more to learn;
Excellent Article, Thanks for sharing it.
Dushiant! It may from an old magazine/journal, but it is very new, informative and important article. thanks for sharing.



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