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UPDATE FEBRUARY 4, 2012 | Dr Wequar will be visiting the clinic in Karachi and welcomes your prayers, thoughts and if you want to provide donations to support his work, please contact Dr Wequar


Vladimir and myself are pleased to be able to help the clinic by supplying them with the computerized Repertories they needed for speedy evaluation of the patients symptoms. The clinic has been open several years and fill a much needed gap in the health care system.The clinic does not charge for its services in any way. Even the medicine is free.

Wequar has grown children living in Florida, and I visited with him in Miami where we became friends and colleagues. He is a gentleman of the old school where his word is his bond and his heart is as big as mount Everest with his time for sick people.



Learn about the flooding in Pakistan


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Dear Gary. Thank you for your generosity and constant contact with Dr Wequar. I've been blogging every day with plenty of TWEETS to boot. I've spoken numerous times with Dr Wequar, and most fortunately, he is safe and often times can get an internet connection.

The massive millions of displaced people have been told to get to better ground, away from the flooding. There is no way I can even imagine the scene, what it feels like, or the immensity of the disaster. They are probably all in a fog of surreal being.

You will notice in your daily BlogTalkRadio show reminders a video from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for all the United States HWC members, there is a place to donate.

Continued Disaster in Pakistan #Flooding

Humanitarian Aid To Pakistan Flood Victims

Gary ad Debby, thank you all for the moral support that has come from you all.
Gary and Vladimir thank you both for the gift of B&W 2011 software,for the clinic. This will go a long way to do our quick repertorization with a modern tool and proven Boenninghausen repertory.

It will take some time to master the software,but when there is a will there is a way. I am sure that me and Dr Sarfaraz together with our team of two other Doctors,Dr Shahnaz and Dr Afifa Abid will live up to the expectations reposed on us by our patients.Dr Afifa is away for a while.

I had actually sent the pics to Gary for info but like a good Samaritan, he brought it to notice of all the members of HWC;

I would like to add here that the first two pictures are from a relief camp on out skirts of Karachi set up in a govt school building ,You ca see Dr Shahnaz sitting and taking a case.In second picture Dr Sarfaraz is awaiting to see a patient.

The third picture is of myself in our humble "FREE HOMEOPATHIC CLINIC" in Karachi,now in its 6th year of existence; I am not visible as i was taking the photographs in the camp. The other pictures depicts the devastation of the flood,The water around the submerged mosque is about 12 to 15 feet deep. The village around the mosque has vanished for good.

De Wequar,
Congratulation. I hope with the help of this latest homeopathic software donations you will be able to select accurately the remedies for your patients in the free clinic . I am also thankful because it is for the help of whole of Pakistani people. I also appreciate you and your team for this Nobel deed.
Best wishes.

It is a gift for the people of Pakistan.
Dr Sajjad,
Thank you for your encouragement.YES its a good tool and will help us to analyze in a different way. Gary had said that one has to "unlearn"also to understand Boenninghausen; Presently i am undergoing that phase.

By the way how come an active member at Hpathy and HWC and with many cases done,you have not presented any case? I am going to present a small case acute in nature soon;


Dr Khan sahib,
Unless Kent is drawn out of our mind we cannot practice Hahnemann’s homeopathy with the help of Boenninghausen pocket book.
There is no differentiation between common and uncommon symptoms in this book. .According to followers’ symptoms which are consistent (constant) are the characteristic symptoms (Hahnemann).
The patient usually presents two types of symptoms;
1. Mental symptoms.(Exclusively)
2. Physical symptoms.(Exclusively)
if you try to combine them( unless prominent) ignoring altogether the present complaint then you will face failure in clinical practice.
Always complete first those symptoms for which the patient consulted you. This is the secret of successful clinical practice.
For example if the patient consult you for toothache then ask which teeth, what type of pain or condition and how it is worse or better. You will get the right remedy and the patient will be happy. The same thing happens in all chronic diseases. Cure them layer by layer.I hope it will not be difficult to practice with the help of this software.

By the way how come an active member with many cases done, you have not presented any case?
In the past I posted some of my cases in different forums but due to unreasonable and unhealthy criticism, ending in controversial comments, I stopped.

This is sad Sajjad. But the nature of people who dont know that they dont know.


Sajjad the world is such that there will always be criticism, but in my opinion we just can not afford to shy away ;

If you put any case with in the parameters of rules then there will be few or no criticism. Present your case with open mind,and share your experiences. After all learning never ceases,it only embellishes our perception and knowledge.

Dr. Sajjad, Please continue to post your interesting cases. Whether it is criticized or not is immaterial. Many will benefit with the reading.

You are right Dr.Kumar S Anand what you said to Dr. Sajjad. It is easy to find fault or criticize than to create or present something worthwhile. The posts sent by Dr Wequar & Dr. Sajjad as above, are quite interesting & educative, they should continue with exchange of their experiences.

My thanks to Dr Garry and Vladimir for offering the free computerised repertories. I am sure we will be able to make good use of them. Also my thanks to Debby for providing the network of HWC which made it possible to know and befriend like minded people.
I am overwhelmed by the scale of the suffering of the people and it seems what we are doing too little, it is like a drop in the ocean. But then I recall the story of the little girl who was busy tossing back to the sea some among thousands of starfish swept ashore. A man passed by and said ‘ you are wasting your time , you can’t save them all ‘ , and the little girl said , ‘ at least I can save this one , and this one and this one” Whatever humble service we are doing at least we have the satisfaction of knowing that no matter how little we were able to do , we did our part.
Thanks to all for their kind comments


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