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UPDATE FEBRUARY 4, 2012 | Dr Wequar will be visiting the clinic in Karachi and welcomes your prayers, thoughts and if you want to provide donations to support his work, please contact Dr Wequar


Vladimir and myself are pleased to be able to help the clinic by supplying them with the computerized Repertories they needed for speedy evaluation of the patients symptoms. The clinic has been open several years and fill a much needed gap in the health care system.The clinic does not charge for its services in any way. Even the medicine is free.

Wequar has grown children living in Florida, and I visited with him in Miami where we became friends and colleagues. He is a gentleman of the old school where his word is his bond and his heart is as big as mount Everest with his time for sick people.



Learn about the flooding in Pakistan


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May God bless you all.

I also serve in the same free clinic  to cater to ladies, who are shy to tell their symptoms to men doctors.


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