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Hi everybody

What rubrics do you suggest for a person who has pain in her throat (virus infection) that was so bad she took pain killers. Another aspect was feeling very angry.    

  • throat pain as from a splinter
  • generals food and drinks vinegar desire
  • generals wind cold dry agg.
  • mind sensitive pain to

Hepar sulph helps. 

But she had one other symptom which I did not find in the repertory.

The pain while swallowing was so bad that she had to "hurt herself to bear that pain." Which means that she was pressing her knuckles against her head until the pain was stronger then the swallowing pain.

At the end I choose " mind sensitive pain to" but I was wondering if any of you know a better rubric than that.


thanks for your inputs :-)


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Mind; injure; herself, himself, feels could: agar alum arg-n ars bell CIMIC(3) germ HYDR-AC(3) kola lac-h lyss MERC(3) NAT-S(3) sep succ

The patient is diverting her attention from throat pain to some other pain intentionally caused by self.

Check this rubric from Murphy

MIND- Diversion, amel : (4) ign, lach, phos, pip-m

Also Sensation as if - splinter in throat: (7) : alin, alum-sil, arg-n, hep, nat-m, nit-ac, zinc-i [ Roberts H.]

Thank you for you inputs.

have a nice day




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