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We have decided to give a free program to Dr. Navneet Bidani and to Dr Sajjadakram.

Dr Wequar Ali Khan as a team tester for the OpenRep and also as a recipient of OpenRep sponsoring of his charity clinic has one already.

Drs Navneet and Sajjad, if you go to http://www.homeopathyonline.org/pro/download.php
and hit the download button, the install program will be transfered to your computer.

  Install the program on the computer that you want it on. Fill in the details required and email to the address listed. We will install a free licence on our website for you which will be automatically picked up by the program a little later when you open the program and are connected to the internet. This only has to be done once and then there is no requirement to be connected to the internet again unless you lose your licence by deletion or something.

Any queries please email me on gw@boenrep.com

Best wishes and congratulations.


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Congratulations to all the winners! Looking forward to learning how this program helps your practice.
Many thanks to Dr Gary,Polony and Debby. I hope this software will be of great help. Very soon i will write in detail.
Thank you Gary and Polony.The software is working.
Best regards.
Thanks Dr. Gary, will download it soon.
Dr Zaidi,
Thanks.If we believe that Hahnemann was the most successful homeopath of his time then we should not feel any hesitation in saying that we can also achieve the same result by using this software which is based on Metaria Medica pura and chronic diseases.What we need is the hard work like that of Hahnemann.
Thanks for your generosity; and congratulations to all who got the P&W 2011;

My request to all who are proud owner of this software.is to share your experiences specially when you translate any symptom in terms of this software.

Some time one gets bogged down when a particular symptom is not directly available on P&W; How then you tackle the symptom?

The greatest thing about this soft ware is that those who developed it with their sweat and blood are kindheartedly willing to support the users all the way and in person.One seldom gets such an opportunity of one to one coaching;;

I have been working to come to grips with it and am finding it a great tool to select the medicine.

Once i have few cases i am going to share with all HWC members my success or failures.

Good luck to all and to Gary and his partner Polony.
The repertory is perfect, accurate and is exclusively based on MM Pura and Chronic diseasesOnce the case is repertorized and a medicine is selected, is it possible to see all those rubrics in the materia medica, simply by clicking on that medicine in the reportorial analysis chart?.
If you (right) click on the remedy in the chart, it will give you a choice of reverse materia medica for comparison or take you to the materia medica for choice of MM to view in. You can do further search in MM with its own search function and compare across ALL MM for that remedy.
Dear Gary,
Thank you.I will do that.
I cannot see the repetory in book form.Is this function removed?.
Congratulations to all the winners


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