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12 cured cases of Kidney stones, the prescription was only one. No long hours of case taking and total relief. This happened in this one year alone after I had let out this prescription on Progressive group.


CALC-C 1M one dose every Sunday.

Berberis-v 30 one dose daily from Tuesday to Friday.


For 12 weeks.


What was the basis :


CALC-C has the power to dissolve any calcifications in our body, be it stones or bony hard growths, or even bone exostosis. This property is utilized in this prescription. Same effect is seen, more kidney specific with CALCAREA-REN, but I am not happy with its action on Phosphate, URATE or CYSTEIN stones, as it acts best only in Calcium stones.
Berberis acts to heal the wounds in kidney and thereby restoring the normalcy to kidneys. Also Berberis acts on smooth muscles of ureter thereby expelling the stones.
There is the proof of this statement.


 The patient had come to me from Coimbatore, where the doctors advised her to undergo operation to remove the 12mm stone. Before

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Well done Dr.Tahir, When Roger came to Bhopal he had all praises for you & some others on FB, it needs courage to tell what you practice, once in one of my lecture in Malaysia, I narrated some of cirrhosis cases where I prescribed a similimum & as supportive antioxidants I prescribed chelidonium & cardus mother tincture, I got tremendous response, the patient was brought out of death bed, where all pathies including Homeopathy did not yield results. So, one of the reputed Delhi doctor came up to me after the lecture and said, congrats! doctor it takes courage to say what you practice in your clinic.
Yes , the results are very encouraging and prod us to think how the results were achieved with the same medicine in all cases. Quite likely that it was not specific; since more and more calcarea constitutions are being encountered, with calcarea conditons (calculi, bony exostoses, defective assimilation). Calcarea seems to be the constitutional  similimum in all these cases. Of course posology (potency and repetition) is dependent on our own understanding and experience as Dr Boericke has said in his preface to the MM and repertory that posology is only suggestive.
Thanks. Very correct treatment.

well done

peace wasalaman

Thanks with regards.
I have treated a lot of acutes stones colics and even today I handle acutes.
I use Robin Murphy's Repertory for quick prescribing whenever needed.
On 21/7/2011 I received a right sided renal colic patient for which I used only Lyco 30 1 dose and 1 stone lying at vesico-ureteric junction was passed off that night only, after USG I found he has another at pelvi-ureteric junction and hence gave Lyco 1M 1 dose.

I go with the common theme that left sided renal colic needs Berberis-v 30 and right sided renal colic get cured with Lyco 30.

Thank you all my homeopathic friends for the encouragement.

Dr S Tahir Hussain,

This is simple and definite medication.I appreciate and like it.



Thanks Dr. Sajjad sir.
Thanks Dr. Sayed.
Thank u all for the encouragement!
Congratulation Dr Syed for your cured cases. They are not simple as many may think.

Will like to read similarly about Gall stones

Those who think this approach is not correct, please give the reason to support it.

"We will try this when the indicated drug does not work." one of the replies in this post says this and am sure many of us too think likewise. The thought that comes to my mind is how long shall we wait for the indicated remedy (i prefer to use the word remedy to drug) to show results especially in a case of Calculi.  The other point is we will wait and watch...but is the patient ready to?

Something to ponder about I presume.



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