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Hi Everyone

A friend from Peru just forwarded a case of her father with Multiple Myeloma. I sent in the constitutional remedy questionnaire.

Of course the patient is very fatigued but that is all I know. He is taking the following medication Thalidomide once a day and Pamidronato (don't know the translation) but it is an injectable and it supposed to add on the bone density, this is intravenous and every so many months.

I gave him CHORELLA to take 3 times a day to clear the effects of past chemo and SPIRULINA as a multivitamin until I know what else is happening. I also told her it would be good to start on FERRUM PHOS 6X cell salts 4 times a day to get up his iron but I suppose that perhaps CALCAREA PHOS 6x would be better.

If anyone has treated this before I would appreciate help. I read CARCINOCIN,PHOS, THUJA were some of the remedies i read might be indicated. I will keep everyone up to date on this case.



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The complete history of the case is necessary to prescribe a homoeopathic medicine for Multiple myeloma.
We should prescribe a remedy on the totality of symptoms.
Remedies like Lyc, Phos, Thuj, Med, Sulph, etc . are good in the case of MM .
So please take the complete history with all the symptoms and the modalities.
After that I can give my personal advise in this case..


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