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A case of hydrocele cured. PLease find attachment below.

Who says surgical diseases are not cured by homoeopathy?

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Nilanjana. Thank you for presentation. There were two remedies given one day apart. Is that correct? Please explain choice of nosode.
That pneumococcin was given first to clear up the case. The boy had a history of pneumonia. Then Rhustox was started. It IS correct. The patient taken the medicine after one day and not together.

I am impressed by your case taking and simple way of treatment.



I wish there was a "LIKE" button. ♥ ♥ 
Love you Debby.

we have it. thanks to Debby! do you know her???

Thank you Sir for your appreciation. This will boost my energy to post more cases.

Dear Dr. Nilanjana Basu,


Thanks for submission of case of Hydrocele but unfortunately i am confused about following which are available with in the document attached by you.


Final diagnosis:   Right-sided Vaginal hydrocele


Dear Lady,

Case is

 Male  and you must clarify your words as documented with in attachment?


Looking forward,



Dr Mumtaz Ali Riaz


Homeopathy Department

Government District Headquarter Hospital

Sargodha Road,

District Chiniot,




Dear Dr.Mumtaz,

There is no mistake regarding the diagnosis, males will only have vaginal hydrocele.


Good case! True lots of surgical cases can be cured safely with homeopathy. 
Dr. Mumtaz, some knowledge of anatomy of testes will solve your confusion.  

Thank you Dr Sayed

The tunica vaginalis is the serous covering of the testis. When the fluid is collected inside,it is called vaginal hydrocele.



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