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GM seed is taking over our natural food supply

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GM plants proven to be POISONOUS - killing insects, birds, bees, butterflies, and destroying our Eco System And slowly killing animals.


Tests found alien GM material in honey from beehives two miles from a site where GM crops were being grown under government supervision. It is believed to have been carried there by bees gathering pollen in the GM test sites. 





THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE OWING TO IHR's, UN, NWO, WTA'S TREATIES. Signed by our elected Politicians:


Consider all this: When teens are poisoned by the aspartame in diet soda and Elderly are suffering with neurological diseases from 'nutrasweet and FLUORIDE drinking water etc and which is allowed to be supplied in Cafes, the TGA, DERM, EPA and HEALTH DEPT' does nothing.


When children are given cancer by the sodium nitrite in hot dogs, the TGA, DERM, EPA and HEALTH DEPT' does nothing.


When countless thousands suffer heart attacks and cardiovascular disease each year from the partially-hydrogenated oils used throughout the food supply and FLUORIDE, the TGA, DERM, EPA and HEALTH DEPT' does nothing.


But when you grow fresh vegies and herbs in your own back yard and carry it to your local farmer's market to sell it without government permission, you're going to be charged as a criminal.




The global GMO conspiracy is no longer a theory


wikileaks:- The GMO conspiracy reaches to the highest levels of global control. This US ambassador Stapleton wasn't just a nobody. He was, in fact, the co-owner of the Texas Rangers with former President George W. Bush! His wife, by the way, is George Bush's cousin. This is a conspiracy involving the highest-ranking officials across multiple countries who are pushing a GMO agenda that's poisoning people across the planet.


Need we say anything more? This cable proves, once and for all, that there is a global GMO conspiracy where government operatives work in secret to push Monsanto's GMO agenda while punishing opponents of GMOs and adding them to a "target retaliation list."

This cable also proves that NaturalNews has been right all along about the GMO conspiracy, and that GMO opponents such as Jeffrey Smith are battling what can only be called an evil conspiracy to control the world's food supply. It also proves that when Alex Jones talks about the global conspiracy to control the world food supply, he's not just ranting. He's warning about the reality of the world in which we now live.


As Jeffery Smith said today in a Democracy Now interview:


"We’ve been saying for years that the United States government is joined at the hip with Monsanto and pushing GMOs as part of Monsanto’s agenda on the rest of the world. This lays bare the mechanics of that effort. We have Craig Stapleton, the former ambassador to France, specifically asking the U.S. government to retaliate and cause some harm throughout the European Union" (


  • not to accept the USA rhetoric and junk false science
  • GMO SEEDS do not produce more crops or better quality, they are only designed to reject glyphosate, but Roundup kills bees.


Tests confirmed that GM material in the honey could have come only from oil- seed rape grown at Wester Friarton, in Newport-on-Tay, by Aventis, one of the world’s biggest biotechnology firms. The fact that the GM material travelled such a distance makes a mockery of the government’s 50m-200m crop-free “buffer” zones that were created around GM sites to protect neighbouring farms. Critics have claimed that the GM crop trial sites are too close to other farms. America has buffer zones of up to 400m, Canada up to 800m, and the European Union recommends a 5km (three-mile) zone for GM oilseed rape. Indiginous CORN crops in MEXICO were contaminated from 60 miles radius.


With the new OBAMA Government, "Do you think his Department of Ag will be more trustworthy?" Not likely, his new Minister for Ag' is none other than a former employee of Monsanto?" his choice for USDA Secretary, the pro-biotech former governor of Iowa, Tom Vilsack, President Obama has let Monsanto and the other pesticide and genetic engineering companies know they'll have plenty of friends and supporters within his administration. The latest is Ramona Romero, corporate counsel to Dupont, who has been nominated by President Obama to serve as General Counsel for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. ALL GOVERNMENT POLITICIANS MUST DEMAND THE REMOVAL OF SUCH A NWO'S KEY MEMBER TAKING CONTROL OF FOOD CROPS.


According to Reuters, Bulgaria's parliament voted on Thursday to tighten a law that effectively banned cultivation of genetically modified (GM) crops for scientific and commercial reasons in response to public fears.


A genetically modified organism (GMO, also called "genetically engineered") is a plant, animal or microorganism (e.g., bacteria) that is created by means which are not naturally occurring. (In other words, by the choice and by the hand of man with a test tube) Genetic engineering involves crossing species which could not cross in nature. For example, genes from a flounder (a cold water fish) have been inserted into strawberries and tomatoes to make them less susceptible to cold. Currently 13.3 million farmers- 90 percent of all who farm in developing countries- are currently planting biotech crops. However; ask the people if they would choose the GM tomatoes against the naturally grown varieties? Our survey showed 90% said no to GM varieties.


While the Food and Drug Administration insists that foods produced by genetic engineering are the same as foods from traditional breeding, their own scientists have reported that, "the processes of genetic engineering and traditional breeding are different and... they lead to different risks."


The dangers of contamination from Genetically Modified (GM) Corn, with a showcase of indigenous corn based culture and food sovereignty is threatened in Mexico by Monsanto. Countries all over the world see the dangers of GM corn but Australia is allowing it to be grown. - When are the State and Fed Government going to remove the TGA's (UN Trade Agreements) that are killing our wildlife, and destroying our BEES.


GM Contaminated maize will result in a serious threat to the biodiversity of the native open pollinated CORN species, because, "genetically-modified crops have the potential to cross-breed with native and natural crops, altering the evolution of the entire population" and future supply of CORN.


Military are co-partners as high-tech intruders in every Country. using techniques by US UN NWO geographers mapping regions with GPS and data processing technology but failing to reveal their connections with the US military or their covert use of Pentagon contractor Radiance Technologies to infringe on our sovereign rights. And geographers with geo-piracy are stealing the traditional knowledge of the indigenous communities.


As belligerent Monsanto agents use covert activities to contaminate crops, then sue the farmer for using their patented seeds sending them bankrupt and then thrown off their land – GROWERS ARE URGED to send Statutory Declaration warnings to Monsanto, and then TO DISPLAY SIGNS THAT SHOW the sign below:


videoplay:  Controlling our food







Antibiotic treatments are useless to humans who have been exposed to GM foods - Codex Alimentarius will promote GM plants.

Codex is administered by W.H.O. and the F.A.O. as requested by the USA Government. and through the FTA's Treaties, POISONS will be permitted by the Australian Government unless the Government repeals and cancels these treaties.


The tests will bring pressure on Aventis, which was accused of a “serious breach” of regulations earlier this year after GM trials in 12 sites were contaminated with antibiotic genes. These are controversial because of the danger of gene transfer to bacteria in animals and humans, who become immune to common life- saving antibiotics.




BESIDES GM FOOD CONTAMINATES; Common Garden Chemicals are also killing our BEES and causing deformed babies.


Support Australian Farmers to protect their crops against MONSANTO covert 'hit-men'


Dozens of families in Britain and America, whose children were born with microphthalmia (small eyes) and anopthalmia (no eyes), are suing DuPont, the American-based chemical giant. They blame exposure during pregnancy to the chemicals benomyl and carbendazim, which are found in Benlate, a common DuPont garden spray. The court claims follow a landmark decision two years ago, when a Florida court ordered DuPont to pay $4-million (US) in damages to Johnny Castillo, now six, who was born without eyes as a result of his mother's exposure to Benlate during pregnancy. Benomyl is the active ingredient in 11 fungicides sold in Canada, including various forms of Benlate. The seven Ontario children were born with bilateral anopthalmia, meaning they are missing two eyes, THE FUNGICIDES ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CANCER AND ORGANMALFUNCTIONS AND BIRTH DEFECTS.


This is Dr Mercola's report: 'Don't eat any RAW meat'


MRSA ST398, also known as "the pig strain" of MRSA, was first discovered in pigs and pig-farm workers in the Netherlands in 2004. Since then, this livestock MRSA strain has spread across Europe, Canada and the United States, causing both mild and life-threatening infections, and has even been found in retail meat in Canada.


This livestock-acquired strain of MRSA (ST398) adds to an already troubling situation.


The human community-associated strain of MRSA, USA300, already affects 100,000 people a year in the US, and caused 18,600 deaths in 2005 alone. To put that number into perspective, HIV/AIDS killed 17,000 people that same year.

What's worse, it appears the various MRSA strains can be transmitted from humans to animals and vice versa, putting the health of both humans and animals (including pets) at ever increasing risk.


According to a 2009 University of Iowa study, 70 percent of hogs and 64 percent of workers in industrial animal confinements tested positive for the antibiotic resistant strain of MRSA. The study pointed out that, once MRSA is introduced, it could spread broadly to other swine and their caretakers, as well as to their families and friends.


Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamase (ESBL) is another antibiotic-resistant bacteria that has killed both people and swine.


But what has spawned these deadly superbugs?


Agricultural Antibiotic Overuse has Created New Hard-to-Eradicate Human Diseases

Dr. Mercola's Comments:


It's important to realize that antibiotic-resistant disease like MRSA is a man-made problem, created by the excessive use of antibiotics. Medical overuse of antibiotics is one aspect, but the greatest, and most hidden, factor is the excessive use of antibiotics in food production.


Chickens, cattle and hogs are fed antibiotics, not to treat disease, but to make them grow faster, which increases profit margins for livestock producers.


It's been unclear just how many antibiotics were really used in the manufacturing of our food—until now.


According to the first-ever report by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on this subject, factory farms used a whopping 29 million pounds of antibiotics in 2009 alone.


Back in 2001, a report issued by the Union of Concerned Scientists estimated that the non-therapeutic livestock use of antibiotics accounted for 70 percent of the total antibiotic use in the US, and when all agricultural uses were considered, they estimated the share could be as high as 84 percent!


Clearly, agricultural antibiotic use is the smoking gun in the battle against antibiotic-resistant superbugs.


But what can YOU do about it? 'Dont eat meat?


Be warned; Suspect all "Grain-fed' beef. Scientist have used 'abattoirs' offal to compliment the manufacture of grain feed pellets, allegedly to increase beef weight. However, this insane program is trying to convert a Bovine 'Herbivore' into a 'carnivore' resulting in sickness and excess puss in the carcass and 'mad-cow' disease.

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