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Kent repertory is based on a false assumption that all cases should be analyzed from the generals to the particulars. Kent saw his cases from one perspective only; therefore he was a prejudiced observer even before he took the case. It is a common myth in modern homeopathy that mental symptoms are more important than physical ones. The particular symptoms coming from tumors, diseased organs or wounds can literary kill a patient which makes local symptoms the most important in many cases. ~ Murphy

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Look for the good in others and others will look for the good in you.

Yes.why not?



Generals are always preferable. Particulars if peculiar or with modalities has it's own importance. Homeopathic treatment aimed to cure on the basis of  gross pathology will often ends in failures.
There are many lesser known remedy, not well proved, like Gunpowder and calotropis, etc. Then there are polycrests and other well proved medicines. If the Totality of symptom as per case suggests a medicine which covers general and local symptoms it will cure. If covers local only then also may cure.

Basic thing is that we must investigate the case thoroughly. Whether to prescribe on local or general must come only after thourough case taking.

Dr P Banerji cures Brain Tumors by Ruta 6 and Calc phos 3x


Sometimes clinicaly proved specific remedies does good to the patient.



When Dr Hahnemann prescribed for the scarlet fever, or for cholera, or when he prescribed To Dr Boenninghausen Conium... we can see one thing that SIMILIARITY WAS SOUGHT.

Its often that clinically proved specific remedies do wonder.But following the footsteps of Master Hahnemann and Boenninghausen ,one must always do thourough case taking and be prepared not to miss any prescribing symptoms.


Dr Piyush,

Yes,complete case taking is essential but we must concentrate on clear and intense symptoms otherwise we can be mislead.



Very true weak generals can not lead to right remedy.................



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