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What remedies comes to mind according to the repertory for the specific symptom, "During cough, tongue comes out?"



Dr Faheem






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Joan Goddard 

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About this subject I locate only one rubric in Kent’s Repertory

1. Cough, putting out the tongue from – Lyco. 

thanks much dear dr. can we say it prominent or specific symptom where patient has warm constitution. ?


Dr. fahim 

 Perhaps these  may be helpful,
MOUTH - PROTRUDING - Tongue - cough - during - agg. Bell, Kali carb. Source Synthesis rep. 
 Mouth; protruding; tongue; cough, during:
kali-c lyc source CD.

Means cough leads to protrusion of Tongue. Rubric is not found or may be  Cough due to protrusion of Tongue.... Lyc, bell, kali carb

much tanks sir

MOUTH - PROTRUDING - Tongue - cough during - Bell(1)..

source: Synthesis v10


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