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"It has cured diabetes with sugar in the urine or without where there is great thirst, weakness and pallor and loss of flesh." ~ Kent

These are the common symptoms of diabetes. Where is the individualization?

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Dr Sajjadakram, You are right that sugar in urine, great thirst, loss of weight are all common symptoms of diabetes.

At the same time if you consider the following lines from Kent, you will find that these symptoms have been portrayed as constitutional traits of Acetic Acid.Therefore in this case common symptoms become generalities of the medicine.

KENT's starting remarks for Acetic Acid.

This remedy is useful in complaints of pale, sickly people.
Patients who have been weak for many years, who have inherited
phthisis. Emaciation, weakness, anemia, loss of appetite, burning
thirst and copious pale urine are a combination calling for
Acetic acid.

Then the first part of every medicine written in the Boericke can be of great help.

Thank you Debby for such a beautiful image and analysis.


Debby you are doing a good work for H.W.C.
I have seen several cases of diabetes as well as nephrotic syndrome getting cured with Acetic acid.

That is encouraging.Thanks.



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